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Bonus - 🇬🇧 Insecure Season 4 FUNCTION Watchparty with Ifeanyi Awachie, Moha Audu & Mutaleni Nadimi

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Ebissé recorded an episode with three amazing, brilliant black people to discuss the iconic HBO Series Insecure Season 4! She is joined by Ifeanyi Awachie, an Atlanta-raised, London-based Igbo writer and curator, stylist Moha Lami Audu & Namibian writer, filmmaker, and co-founder of DOEK! Literary magazine Mutaleni Nadimi.If you have been living under a rock Insecure is the amazing HBO series about a group of four, barely 30something year old black women living in LA's Inglewood neighbourhood created by Issa Rae. No, the entire episode is not going t…


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